What is Stonework?

Stonework refers to the craft of working with stone to construct various structures or create decorative elements. It has been employed for centuries in architecture, art, and landscaping. Stonework involves shaping, cutting, and arranging stones to achieve desired designs and structures.


What is stonework

Types of Stonework

There are several types of stonework, each with its own techniques and applications. Here are some common types


What is masonry

What is masonry – 

Masonry involves the construction of structures using individual stones or pre-cut stone blocks. It typically includes techniques such as ashlar masonry (finely cut and uniform stones), rubble masonry (rough stones), and dry stone masonry (no mortar).

Stone Carving:

What is stone carve

What is stone carve

Stone carving is the art of shaping stones into decorative or artistic forms. Carvings can range from intricate sculptures and reliefs to ornamental details on buildings or monuments. Different tools, such as chisels and hammers, are used to carve the stone.


What is Stonewalling?

Stonework at Oakdale
NY – What is Stonewalling?

Stonewalling, also known as dry stone walling, is the method of constructing walls without the use of mortar or cement. Stones are carefully selected and stacked to create stable and durable walls. This technique is commonly seen in landscaping and rural areas.

Stone Paving:

What is Stone Paving?

Stone paving involves using stones to create pathways, driveways, or outdoor flooring. Stones are arranged in various patterns to form a solid and visually appealing surface. This type of stonework is popular in gardens, courtyards, and public spaces.

Stone Archways and Vaults:

Stonework is often used to create archways, vaults, and other architectural elements. Stones are precisely cut and arranged to form load-bearing structures with aesthetic appeal. These features can be found in historical buildings, churches, and bridges.

Stone Veneer:

Stone Veneer


Stone veneer is a thin layer of stone that is applied to the surface of a structure or wall. It provides the appearance of solid stone construction while reducing the weight and cost. Stone veneer can be made from natural stone or manufactured materials.

What is masonry